Athletics Department Spotlight: Arizona Wildcats

Arizona's Inclusive Excellence Council supports the university's commitment to a vibrant, empowered and inclusive campus.

Arizona Athletics formed its Inclusive Excellence Council in the winter of 2018 to focus on increasing and supporting inclusion, building trust, and appreciating differences among student-athletes within the athletics department. The Inclusive Excellence Council will use its work within the athletics department in support of the University of Arizona’s commitment to a vibrant, empowered and inclusive campus.

The council organized the athletics department’s Black History Month celebration. šŸ“·: Arizona Athletics

“The creation of the Inclusive Excellence Council is an important addition to our athletics department as we celebrate and recognize the unique diversity of Arizona Athletics, the University of Arizona and our Southern Arizona Community,” said Vice President and Director of Athletics Dave Heeke. “Incorporating the important work of this group throughout our athletics department is a vital part of our pursuit of inclusive excellence. It is a key value in everything we do in Arizona Athletics.”

The council began its work by organizing theĀ department’s celebration of Black History Month, creating a “Lunch and Learn” series to enhance internal communication and awareness as well as participating in all search processes for filling job openings throughout the athletics department. The council has also engaged campus and national partners for key collaborations, including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Men and Women of Purpose, African-American Student Affairs (AASA) and the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators’ (NACMA) Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

In addition to the work it has already accomplished, this newly-formed council will continue to look to foster the importance of diversity and inclusion through programming, educational events, new hire processes, speaker series and more.