Athletics Department Spotlight: Wyoming Cowboys

Women's basketball student-athlete Clara Tapia spearheaded Wyoming's Many Stories Matter Initiative

Wyoming women’s basketball student-athlete Clara Tapia created the Many Stories Matter initiative to encourage student-athletes to talk about their experiences and perceptions regarding today’s climate and society.

Wyoming student-athletes discuss stereotypes, Feb. 2019

“Clara developed Many Stories Matter not to receive a grade or an award, she just felt that it needed to be done,” said Dr. China Jude, Senior Associate AD/SWA at University of Wyoming.

Wyoming student-athletes discuss the effects of listening, Mar. 2019

Wyoming has hosted two discussions since creating Many Stories MatterStereotypes and The Power of Listening, and provided a meeting place for student-athletes to share their stories, thoughts, and opinions in a judgement free zone.

Tapia, who recently received Google Cloud Academic All-America® honors for the second consecutive year, facilitated and hosted both sessions.