LEAD1 Charter Bus Services Program

Buses Across Campus involves a long-term partnership incorporating charter bus services into programs designed to support key stakeholders in Athletics and Student Affairs. For Athletics, programs include Team Travel for away trips and Rivalry Road™, a platform to sell more tickets and engage more fans. For Student Affairs, Buses Home™ provides Campus to Community service at key break periods and Road Trip™ is charter bus service for students, alumni and donors. Athletics and Student Affairs are provided with financial incentives for adopting these programs.

GO GROUND is the leading group ground transportation and logistics specialist for colleges and universities. They are industry experts and have the premiere network of charter bus operators in all markets across the US. Their balanced approach of safety, service and savings is the hallmark of the post-season championships and regular season team travel. Their industry first proprietary technology, which includes online booking, integrated websites and mobile apps is now available to LEAD1 members.



A suite of four group transportation options for Athletics and Student Life.

  • Team Services – Team travel when away from campus. Campus to Campus or FLY-IN service.
  • Buses Home – Express student transportation at key breaks to home towns.
  • Rivalry Road – Fan Transportation to local and away athletics & live events.
  • Campus Road Trip – Student & Alumni Transportation to and from campus.